SEND Provision

Welcome to the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) section of our school website. My name is Mrs J. Hughes and I am Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo) at Church Drive Primary School.

Special Educational Needs

The changes in the Children and Families Bill and the Code of Practice (2015) affect the way children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are supported in schools. The new approach began in September 2014 and this places emphasis on person-centred planning.

The key principles of the new legislation are:

  • Young people and their families should be involved in discussions about the support they need, so they can share their knowledge and feed back to the school on the young person’s progress.

  • Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) will replace statements of special educational needs. New assessments for additional educational needs will follow the EHCP guidelines. (Existing statements will stay in force until all children and young people have completed the transition, which will be within three years.)

  • School Action and School Action Plus will cease and be replaced by single school-based category for children who need extra specialist support..

Church Drive Primary School is well placed to adopt these changes and looks forward to working with pupils and parents/carers to ensure fully inclusive access to our education.

Church Drive upholds children’s right to education and recognises the diverse educational needs within its communities. We acknowledge those needs may change and require a range of provision. We believe we have a duty to offer that provision where we can, to foster inclusion and provide full educational access.

Some children may need increased support to access learning because:

  1. They have a significant greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age.

  2. They have a disability as defined under the Equality Act, which affects their ability to access and benefit from the educational opportunities generally enjoyed by children of the same age.

We will try to ensure that all barriers to equal access in our school is removed or overcome. We monitor and track progress of all children so that the support provided is as effective as possible. We welcome the full engagement of parents and carers and where necessary seek support and advice from external specialists to ensure we develop and maintain a range of flexible resources to meet the needs of all children.

SEND Information Contact Points:

If you wish to discuss any specific needs of your child, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note that Mrs Hughes is on maternity leave until March 2020. During this time our acting SENDCo is Mrs J. Jones (Headteacher and former SENDCo of the school), supported by Mrs C. Jones (Postgraduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs and Disability). Please address any queries regarding SEND to Mrs J. Jones via the school office.

Please use the links below to access our SEND Policy, SEND Information Report and SEND abbreviations. 

I hope that the documents are able to answer most of your questions about the SEND Provision in our school; however, there is nothing better than seeing it first hand so please feel free to contact the school office to arrange a visit.

Kind regards,

Mrs J. Hughes


Local Offer Wirral

To see the Local Offer Wirral website please click on this link. The website sets out what services, support and advice are available for children in Wirral if they have special educational needs or a disability.

SEND Information Report

SEND Policy