The school follows the ‘Conscious Discipline’ behaviour system. Our discipline rests on the encouragement of respect, compassion and care for the feelings of other people and property.

We expect high standards of behaviour and politeness and good manners are considered very important. Mutual respect for and by pupils and staff is crucial and provides the foundation for the culture of the school.

We expect children to conduct themselves in a quiet orderly manner around the school and to play sensibly on the playground. Rough play, fighting or bullying behaviour are completely unacceptable. We have an Anti-Bullying Policy which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

There is a system of rewards and sanctions of which the children are made aware.

Letters are sent out from time to time to bring the school rules to the attention of parents. Church Drive School has developed its own Behaviour Policy and the document explaining this policy is available to all parents. A summarised version is sent home to parents and the policy is also available for download from this website by clicking here.