Willow: 2B

We are Willow Class. Our Teacher is Miss Barton and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Davis and Miss Hodson.

In Year 2 we learn lots of new things over the year through our creative curriculum. Lessons such as art, D.T., geography and history are all incorporated into the creative curriculum where possible, while other subjects such as maths, English, P.E. and R.E. are stand alone. During the Spring term, our topic is ‘What's out there?' which has a space theme. During this time we will be working on lots of new skills, particularly our geography skills and learning why people like Neil Armstrong are such an important part of history.

Willow Class are a kind, caring and hard-working team. We love having fun and enjoy learning new things each day. We always try our best and stick to the golden rules in the classroom and out on the playground. We are fantastic role models for the rest of Key Stage 1.