Willow: 2B

We are Willow Class. Our Teacher is Miss Barton and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Manser.

In Year 2 we learn lots of new things over the year, and lessons such as art, D.T., I.C.T, geography and history are all incorporated into the creative curriculum where possible. During the the year, Willow will be focusing on three main topics:

  • The Royals

  • The Blue Planet

  • On Safari

‘Maths No Problem’ is used to teach maths in an inclusive way for all abilities and in English we have focus texts that we cover to produce lots of different writing styles.

Homework is given out every two weeks and weekly spellings, that we also do in school, are in the back of the red Homework Logs. Please practise these often as we have a spelling test every Friday. We also have a focus on reading in Year 2 to support SATs in May. Please read as much as you can at home.

Willow Class are a kind, caring and hard-working team. We love having fun and enjoy learning new things each day, and we like to have an environment where everyone can reach their potential. We always try our best and stick to the golden rules in the classroom and out on the playground. We are fantastic role models for the rest of Key Stage 1.

For further detailed information about the curriculum coverage, please see the curriculum section of our website here

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We took part in coding sessions with Hi-Impact to learn how to program and de-bug games. We had so much fun learning how to create algorithms to complete the challenges!