School Values and Ethos

School Ethos

Church Drive is a dynamic, harmonious and values led school. Our values support our children to be happy and self-confident individuals with strong morals and a ‘can do’ attitude. Our pupils are encouraged to respect the rights of others, aspire for success, aim for excellence and achieve their full potential.

Vision Statement

Our vision for Church Drive Primary School is of a vibrant community where every child is able to thrive – to become a confident, responsible and resourceful citizen with a love of learning, who is properly equipped for the future.

Church Drive Primary School Values

We have always prided ourselves on being a caring school with a positive atmosphere. Our school values seek to make explicit what is happening implicitly. They provide for our children a structure for understanding the way we behave so that everyone is clear about the way we should act and relate to one another. A value can be defined as a ‘principle that guides behaviour’. The school has an established vision and we see adopting school values as a further step in enabling us to meet that vision.

It is about the whole school community and a huge part of this is you, the parents. To feel valued is a special thing and something we want to make sure everyone experiences at Church Drive Primary School.



Our School Values

The values we focus on are:

A – Aspiration: We want our pupils to fulfil their potential and be successful in all that they do.

R – Respect: We treat each other with respect and kindness by valuing and accepting our differences.

C – Courage: We help our pupils to be honest, confident to take risks, overcome their doubts and fears and not be afraid to make mistakes.

We are valued from the beginning through to the end of our Primary Learning Journey.

Our values are supported by the British values of democracy, tolerance, rule of law, community, respect and individual liberty.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to:

  • Create an exciting, inspiring and nurturing environment that our pupils want to come to every day.
  • Be uncompromising in our aspirations for our pupils by creating strong foundations for future success.
  • Have a strong reputation for success in the academic curriculum as well as the creative, expressive arts and sport.
  • Be recognised as an outstanding and unique school.
  • Provide a safe environment where our pupils have a voice, high self-esteem and good mental health.
  • Ensure all pupils are treated fairly and are provided with the opportunities they need to be successful.