Rowan: 4/5H

We are Rowan Class. Our Teacher is Mrs Holmes and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Percy. We also have Miss Jones working with us.

We work very hard in our mixed year group class of Year 4 and 5 children, making sure we all have exciting and challenging opportunities.

We all enjoy learning lots of new, interesting and exciting things in Rowan Class, especially within our topic Learning Challenges. As well as following the National Curriculum in Maths (using Singapore Maths), English and Science we explore all other curriculum areas using our Creative Curriculum. This year, we have lots of exciting learning challenges within our Creative Curriculum such as:

  • Were the Vikings always vicious and victorious?

  • Were the Saxons really smashing?
  • Why is the USA in the news?

  • Why was the Battle of Britain so important?

Our focus this year is making sure everyone in our class know their times tables and reads every day.

In Rowan Class we also enjoy reading a wide range of books, especially by our class authors Jeremy Strong, Jacqueline Wilson and David Walliams.

Rowan Class all follow our school golden rules, support each other and make our class a very happy place to be where everyone can succeed!