Partnership with Parents/Carers

In order for effective partnership working between home and school to take place we anticipate parents will want to:

  • Provide the information the school needs to plan effectively for the child to be a full member of the school community.

  • Inform the school at the earliest opportunity if their child has a disability and the exact nature of it.

  • Acknowledge that when deciding whether an adjustment is reasonable one of the actions of which that the Headteacher must consider is the effect of the proposed change on all members of the school community.

  • Recognise the importance of home and school working in partnership.

  • The school has a policy for supporting children with Special Educational Needs which is revised every year. The policy is available from the school office. Our aim is for all children to have access to all aspects of school life, as far as is reasonable and practicable.

Church Drive Primary is already a very inclusive school with excellent physical access.


Home/School Agreement

All pupils and parents/carers are asked to sign our Home/School Agreement. A home/school agreement is a statement explaining:

  • the school’s aims and values;

  • the school’s responsibilities towards its pupils who are of compulsory school age;

  • the responsibility of each pupil’s parents; and

  • what the school expects of its pupils.