Science Success

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Recently everyone in the school took part in a Science Day, where each class chose a scientific question they would like to investigate, planned and carried out a suitable experiment, and then analysed the results. The children then created posters to explain what they had done and to present their findings. Mr Lacey and Miss Duncan then had the difficult task of judging the posters from each class to choose a winner from Key Stage 1 and from Key Stage 2. After much deliberation, they decided on 1C and Year 6: 1C wanted to find out which materials would be the best choice for making a boat for teddy to go sailing in, while Year 6, inspired by YouTube clips of fizzy drinks shooting out fountains of froth when Mentos were added, experimented to see which drinks would produce the most froth!

A team from each of these two classes represented our school at the Big Science Event at St Andrew's CE Primary today, giving a presentation to a group of judges from Inspiring Science and answering some challenging questions from them, too. The judges were very impressed by the structure and scientific rigour of each investigation, the clarity and eloquence of the presentations and the thoughtful and confident answers to their questions. Our team from 1C received some very favourable comments in the Key Stage 1 section, and in the Key Stage 2 section our team from Year 6 were declared the winners!

Many congratulations to all the pupils involved for representing us so well at this event, we're very proud of you all.