It is the school's policy to set homework and to develop the provision of homework as the child progresses through Key Stages One and Two.

The following points encapsulate the homework philosophy of Church Drive School:

  1. Reading is regarded as homework, all reading scheme books and 'free' reading books from the library that are sent home are considered to be part of the homework provision.
  2. Reading and writing related activities are also sent home and are part of the homework provision.
  3. All Key Stage Two pupils are set spellings, multiplication tables and handwriting exercises to complete at home, sometimes on a regular basis, otherwise related to a particular project or unit of work.
  4. On an occasional basis pupils might be asked to engage in activities at home relating to topic or project work and other areas of the curriculum.
  5. Parents should be made aware of topic and project themes in advance so that they are able to organise related activities, such as relevant visits, if they wish to do so.
  6. Homework is never set as a punishment but only when it is seen as relevant and being of benefit to the pupils' development.
  7. Guidance should be given to parents to ensure that the best is gained from homework. (The most effective way to do this is by letter at the beginning of each term or at the start of a specific unit of homework and by workshops or information evenings for parents.).

This policy has been developed through whole staff discussion and will be reviewed by the whole staff on a regular basis. The views and opinions of parents will also be sought.