Aspen: 3/4C

We are Aspen Class. Our Teacher is Miss Callis and our Teaching Assistant is Ms Godfrey.

We enjoy learning lots of new and exciting things in 3/4C, especially within our topic work. As well as following the National Curriculum in Maths (using Singapore Maths), English and Science we explore all other curriculum areas using our Creative Curriculum. This year, we have lots of exciting learning challenges within our Creative Curriculum such as:

  • What makes the Earth angry? (volcanoes and earthquakes)
  • How did the Victorian period help to shape the Port Sunlight we know today? (100 years ago/Port Sunlight)
  • Why do so many people go to the Mediterranean for their holidays? (the Mediterranean) 

In Aspen Class, we enjoy reading a wide range of books, especially in our cosy reading area! Our own writing is also fabulous and we enjoy sharing our stories and poems that we have written with other children.

We also love working hard to gain raffle tickets in Aspen Class, in the hope that our name is chosen from the box to choose a prize every Friday! We always ensure that we follow the Golden Rules and this makes Aspen a happy place to learn and work with others.